Kraft and Sons knows that every business wants to be the first website that comes up on any major search engine. Your website will not do you much good if no one can find you. Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of reviewing multiple facets of a website and developing a comprehensive strategy to enhance the website to increase the website's ability to obtain a higher ranking organically in search engines. This process is different for every website. The higher your website is ranked, the better your chances of increasing traffic to your website.

The website marketing process can be daunting because of the constantly increasing number of websites available. We know that It can be difficult to establish your website with a decent ranking. Additionally, your website can always be pushed down by other websites that come along. Your website can easily get lost in the mix just like a needle in a haystack if it doesn't contain the proper structure, and correct strategies to keep it near the top.

Why Do I need SEO services?

The landscape for organic searches changes constantly. Search engines always update and change their algorithms. Search engine optimization requires a carefully planned, strategic approach taking many different factors into consideration. Your content, linking structure, and overall design are just three of the many aspects of your website that impact your website ranking. Therefore, these pieces will need to be carefully examined in order for your website place well in search engines. This will give your website the best opportunity to rank near the top.

Kraft and Sons understands the importance of having your site visible on the major search engines. You need to be as close to the top as possible. If your website isn't performing up to your standards, then it is possible that SEO services are right for you. Our SEO process includes discussing with you your website, industry, and goals and objectives for your website. We will review your website thoroughly, and then create a specific plan to increase the rankings of your website based upon many factors. Those include our examination of your website, and our experience with search engine rankings. Our experienced staff is ready to work with you to improve the visibility and ranking of your website today.

Our Approach
search engine optimization


Kraft and Sons will meet with you and discuss your business, and your competition. We will also discuss your current site and help you build a plan that will be most effective to increase the traffic to your website. There are many factors that need to be considered. A plan of attack needs to be prepared. Lastly, we will put together a budget so you know what you can expect to spend up front before we begin the work because we know your budget is important.


We will analyze your current website and formulate a plan that includes your website's page titles, meta tags, header tags, site content, alt tags, link structure and more.

Content Building

Where necessary, we will help you build the content on your existing website. Your site needs to have good quality content that search engines value and that your customers will appreciate.


The design of your website is crucial. We will help you design a responsive website in order to appeal to mobile visitors. Most importantly, we will put together a quality design to give users a reason to visit all of the pages on your website. You don't want prospective customers unhappy with their experience because they will just move on to the next website.


We make sure that your website is well organized, and that users can find all of the great content that is on your website.


We will help setup analytics on your website so that you can track the traffic on your website. Changes in traffic over time will help us keep ahead of the curve and make changes to your site as needed to keep you as near the top as possible.