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How Can I Afford to Buy a House?

I remember when I was younger prior to being a homeowner, and was paying rent every month.  I always wondered to myself, “Am I wasting my money paying rent for a house?”  I wanted to buy a house badly because

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Creating an Emergency Fund

If you are living paycheck to paycheck is a very stressful situation an emergency fund is probably something you can’t imagine. I know from experience how that feels. There is pressure to have that paycheck arrive on time. If it

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Is it Really Possible to Save Money?

I remember as a youth in high school my mom invested $100 in a mutual fund account with Franklin Templeton. I don’t remember for sure, but it was some sort of growth or income fund. I believe she gave it

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Creating a Manageable Budget

You’ll notice that this article is titled, “creating a manageable budget”. Creating a budget is simple in theory. All that someone needs to do is write down amounts of money that they intend to spend on certain amounts each month.

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