Bookkeeping History

I’ve been doing this for a long time.

How I Started with Bookkeeping (Sort of a Resume)

When I was in college in the late 90’s, I had decided that I would try an account course since my dad was an accountant. Up until that point, I didn’t really know what I wanted to do. There were two accounting courses offered at Ventura College. The first was the introduction and the second built upon the first class. I was naturally gifted with math all throughout my life, so accounting or bookkeeping seems a logical path to follow.

During the second course, towards the end of a class, the teacher made an announcement. There was a construction company in Camarillo that needed a bookkeeper and they had reached out to the college looking for a student who wanted a job. As the class ended, I waited in my seat until everyone left. Apparently, I was the only one interested. I took the number and the information from the teacher and followed up that day.

Within a couple weeks, the owner hired me and I was off and running as a bookkeeper for a construction company. There was a steep learning curve for me as I had to learn how to use QuickBooks Pro (6.0), email, a fax machine, among other things.  I had never worked in an office and it was a new experience, but the work fit me well. It was a fun job and challenging as I was the only bookkeeper and very young. There was a lot to learn.

After two years, I took another bookkeeping job working for Oxnard Lemon Company in 2000. This time, unlike the first job, I was working with other office staff and other bookkeepers. The work was different and the computer systems were different and there was a learning curve. the difference between this job and my first, is that I had supervisors that were teaching me proper bookkeeping skills. I learned more about debits and credits, journal entries, good record keeping habits, how to file in an organized fashion and much more. These lessons were invaluable for me.

In addition to the solid bookkeeping fundamentals that I learned, I also picked up other skills along the way. During my time with Oxnard Lemon, I created databases using MS Access and web coding such as PHP and MySQL. I also learned how to set up and integrate with an office network and how to service computers. In addition to all of those skills, I registered a domain name for the company, creating email accounts for the office staff, and designed a website promoting the company.

I stayed with the company for six years until the end of 2006 after I had been at the company for six years, I started bookkeeping for my family’s business. I was back with QuickBooks Pro again after a time away with a separate accounting system. With my family’s business I was responsible for all of the accounting including the payroll, taxes, and ledger entries. I remained in this position until September of 2023.

This brings me to the last and current part of my bookkeeping journey. I decided to start a company doing this work. Now I am contracting with small business owners to do their bookkeeping. I found that small business owners who were trying to be their own accountant’s needed help. Some needed a little bit, and some needed a lot. Some were happy to hire me just to handle a few things to get them out of their office more and on the job site.

I am so thankful for how the Lord has brought me through so many experiences. There have been some good and some bad and I have learned much and have been humbled many times with mistakes that I had to learn from the hard way. I am now learning QuickBooks online which seems to be a great tool (I am not being paid to say this) and I look forward to continuing to grow this business and see how the Lord will continue to work and use this to provide for my family.