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If you have ever thought about building your own computer, this is the class for you. Buying a new computer at the store is always an option when looking for an upgrade. However, you can’t be sure about all the parts on the inside of what you’re buying. Building a computer gives you the control over choosing the best parts. You can select the processor, the hard drive (solid state or hard disk drive), desktop memory, and the video card. You can also select the type of case, the battery that powers your computer, the motherboard, and all of the other parts that go into building a computer. At the end of the class, you will have a complete computer with the operating system installed ready for you to take home and use.

Class 1

Choosing the Parts

In the first part of this class, students will learn about the parts of a desktop computer and how those parts work together. We will teach you about the processor, the hard drive, the memory, video card, and other parts of a computer. You will also get to choose the case, battery, and all of the details that go into a computer.

There are many parts necessary in building a computer as well as different brands and options for those parts. Students will get the opportunity to shop for their own parts and learn about the different brands and options and how to choose which parts to buy.

Class 2

Building the Computer

In the second part of the class, students will learn how to correctly assemble their computer with the parts they have chosen. We will teach you how to properly unpack all of the parts to the computer as well as how to handle them.

Students will build their PC carefully installing one part at a time. You will also learn about the installation of the operating system, and install Windows for your own computer. In the end, every student will finish the class with a brand new computer with parts hand-picked by them and built by them.

Class Pricing Options

The class price includes the tuition fees and the cost of the parts needed to build the computer. There are three class pricing options that will give the student choices to build the type of computer they want to. We offer a basic computer, a more advanced computer, and a higher end computer that would be along the lines of a gaming computer that can be used to play computer games.

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Some of the Parts you’ll pick from

Here are some of the main parts in a computer and brands that you’ll be looking at when choosing your parts in the first scheduled class.

computer processor


The two major brands of CPU’s are the Intel and AMD processor. Each processor brand will be explained as well as the different core types and processor speeds and how they function.

solid state drive

Hard Drive

There are two main types of hard drives to choose from. The hard disk drive is the standard drive still in many computer. A solid state drive is a great alternative to the HDD and operates much faster.

desktop computer memory

Desktop Memory

The desktop memory is responsible for the ability of the computer to perform different tasks. There is speed and quantity to consider to when purchasing the right RAM for your computer.

pc video card

Video Card

The video card controls the display and typically comes with ports for HDMI, DVI, and basic VGA. Basic cards are used for general computer use while a higher end card would be appropriate for computer gaming.

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Class Options and Pricing

Basic Computer ($1,000)Deluxe Computer ($1,200)Gaming Computer ($1,400)

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