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Kids computer classes are available in these three monthly packages.  Classes are scheduled for groups, families, and also for private lessons.  Our computer courses cover many different topics from basic computer skills to the beginning of website programming.  Each class is geared to make learning computers and web design fun and exciting for your kids.

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Class Listing

The following computer classes are available for kids to choose from. Intro to Computers is the preferred class for kids who are unfamiliar with computers and have little to no knowledge.  After that course is completed, kids can then move on to the more specific computer classes.

computer basics

Computer Basics

This class teaches the computer basics. Kids will learn how to turn on and off the computers, as well as restarting them. The basics of the Windows and Mac OS will be taught including how to navigate the various menus and explore the basic settings.

internet browsing

Safe Web Browsing

Learn about different web browsers for Mac and Windows. Explore various search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Find out how to properly search the internet for research and how to avoid spam websites.

windows installation

Learning Windows

Discover how to use a Windows based PC including using the start menu and the control panel.  Students will become proficient at create file folders in Windows explorer and being able to save files, and copy and move files from one location to another.

macintosh apple computer

Learning Macintosh

This course teaches the ins and outs of how to use an Apple computer.  Students will learn about the finder system and how to manage and store data, as well as how to install applications and use the Mac utilities.

microsoft word class

Microsoft Word

Explore the basic functions of Word and become familiar with the menus and tools. Students will be taught how to write basic letters, reports, as well as create documents with multiple columns, and learn how to create label sheets.

microsoft excel computer class

Microsoft Excel

Learn the fundamentals of creating and styling an interactive spreadsheet with Microsoft Excel training.  Students will learn the basic functions of Excel and how to create a spreadsheet that will allow them to create amazing spreadsheet projects.

powerpoint class


Learn the basic functions of Microsoft Powerpoint and how to create a slideshow presentation.  Students will learn how to manage slides and slide styling including adding text boxes and creating slide animations.

html web design

Website Design

This class explores the basics of the HTML programming language as well as the CSS styling language.  Students will learn how to code and design a basic website.

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