As your computer ages with time, so do the parts inside your computer. And all the while, technology keeps improving and computers continue to get faster and faster. In addition the software you use on your computer requires more and more from your computer. While you may not need computer repair, an upgrade might solve the problem. If you feel like your computer is dragging, or you're getting the idea that you want something newer and better, consider upgrading your computer before you head off to the store to purchase a newer model. More often than not, you can replace parts on your computer that will give your computer new life. Computer upgrades will often increase the performance for much less than it would cost to buy a brand new computer. Sometimes extra memory, or a new hard drive, or a new version of the Windows operating system will give your computer new life. You'll get the feeling that you just got a new computer, but for only a fraction of the cost.

PC Upgrade Options
pc solid state drive
Solid State Drive

A solid state drive, or SSD is newer technology that replaces the old hard disk drives. It is similar to a flash drive where the data is stored in microchips. There are also no moving parts as in the old hard disk drives. This allows the computer to load the operating system and software much faster than before. Furthermore, a change from a HDD to a SSD is a very noticeable upgrade.

pc ram memory
PC Memory

In many cases, your computer will not have the maximum amount of memory installed when you purchase it. If that is the case, adding new memory will increase the speed and performance of your computer. This also speeds up the opening and closing of programs. In addition, this increases the amount of tasks that can be used without the computer slowing down.

pc video card
Video Card

A newer video card can be for an upgrade or computer repair if your video display has gone out. In the case of an upgrade, a new video card can come in handy if you are doing video editing, or gaming, or using your PC to output to another video source such as a TV to play videos. We can either upgrade your existing video card, or replace the onboard video card that came pre-installed on your PC's motherboard.

pc power supply
Power Supply

The power supply can also be an upgrade or a for a pc repair. In the case of an upgrade, a new power supply might be necessary if you are upgrading other components in your computer and you need additional power to handle the upgrades. It you think you might need to upgrade the power supply on your computer, give us a call. We can diagnose your computer and let you know if you would benefit from an upgrade.

Additional Services

In addition to upgrading your computers hard drive, memory, video card, or power supply, there are many other options for upgrading your current computer or laptop. Some other options for upgrades are:

  • CPU (Processor) - One of the most noticeable upgrades will also most likely require upgrades to the motherboard and memory.
  • Motherboard - Typically you would upgrade this along with the processor and memory.
  • Media card reader - A card reader allows for extra USB ports and ports for various kinds of SD cards as well.
  • DVD-Rom - This can be updated if your computer is still operating with a CD-Rom or without a burner.
  • Sound card - This is more likely a repair, but if you want better sound output for gaming, this will give you better sound quality.
  • Tower Case - A new case for your desktop computer can be just for looks or for better cooling with additional fans.
  • If you aren't sure which upgrades would be right for you, come by or give us a call and we can offer our advice and opinions and give you a quote so you can decide if an upgrade is for you. You may also consider a custom built computer if you want the ultimate upgrade to your existing tower.