In Home PC Repair and Virus Removal

When you can’t come to our shop to have your computer fixed, we’ll come to you. Kraft and Sons provides in home computer service to troubleshoot and repair your computer issues. We diagnose a number of issues that may arise including printer problems, WiFi connectivity issues, and more. In the event of a possible virus or malware infection, we also provide our virus removal service on site in your home.

Some of What We Do

We can service many of your computer issues on site in your home or business. When you call us to schedule an appointment, we will let you know over the phone if it is something we can do on site at hour location, or if it is something that we need to do in our shop. Here are some of the things that we can take care with our in home computer service.

power supply

Computer Tuneup

If your computer is running slow, or freezing, we can tune up your computer to bring your PC back to peak performance. We’ll diagnose your computer and make the necessary changes.

virus removal

Virus Removal

If your computer has a ton of pop-ups, or is running really slow, it’s possible you have a computer virus or a malware infection. Our virus removal service will remove any traces of the virus or malware.

printer repair

Printer Issues

When you printer reports an error, or has lost it’s connection to your computer, we can troubleshoot the issue. We can find the issue with your printer and assist you in getting it up and running again.

internet connectivity

Internet Connectivity

If your computer is having trouble connecting to the internet, let us help. We will check your computer, router, modem, and cables to find the issue and even call your provider to get your computer back online.

windows installation

Windows Issues

If your Windows operating system is freezing, or if you can’t boot up your PC, we can troubleshoot the issue. We’ll find a solution to get Windows working properly again.

solid state drive

New Device Installation

We can install new hardware for your computer such as memory, video cards, or hard drives. We can also setup new external devices such as a printer if you don’t want to deal with the setup yourself.