A Macbook Pro is a solid computer and a great investment. Even still, you may find that you need computer repair for your Macbook Pro at some point. Kraft and Sons offers Macbook repair service. Whatever the problem with your Macbook, we can diagnose the problem and give you the best option to get your Macbook back up and running as soon as possible.

There’s nothing like purchasing a new Macbook Pro and getting the latest and greatest features such as a solid state drive, or Retina display, or the i7 Intel processor. While it’s always fun to get a new Macbook, it’s not always in the budget. And while your old Macbook still works, it’s not like the new ones that you can buy at the store. So if that new Macbook Pro isn’t in the budget, perhaps an upgrade to your existing Macbook will do the job. Here are some of things that you can consider to upgrade that will increase the performance of your Macbook Pro.

Upgrade Options

We can upgrade your Macbook Pro to make it run faster and work better.  Here are some of the available upgrades that we offer.

solid state drive

Solid State Drive

A solid state drive, or SSD is newer technology that replaces the old hard disk drives. It is similar to a flash drive where the data is stored in microchips. There are also no moving parts as in the old hard disk drives. This allows the computer to load the operating system and software much faster than before. An upgrade from a HDD to a SSD is a very noticeable upgrade.

macbook memory

Macbook Memory

In many cases, your Macbook will not have the maximum amount of memory installed when you purchase it. If that is the case, a memory upgrade will increase the speed and performance of your computer, including the opening and closing of apps, and the amount of apps that can be used without the computer slowing down.

macbook battery


Over time, your Macbook’s battery will hold less and less of a charge. Eventually, the battery won’t hold a charge anymore at all. This can limit your use of your Macbook to a nearby outlet to keep it running when the battery goes dead. While a battery upgrade won’t improve the speed of your Macbook, it will give your Macbook new life and allow it to hold a charge again for hours and allow you to use your Macbook on the go.