Virus and Malware Removal

Virus removal is an increasing necessary service in today’s world. Computer viruses and malware are constantly bombarding our computers and are very frustrating to deal with. Because of this, anti-virus and anti-malware software are very important when browsing the web or checking email. They will protect you for the most part, and keep viruses and malware from your computer. Still, it is always possible for your computer to become infected even with the best protection. When your computer does get infected, it can cause performance issues as well as compromise your data. Viruses should be removed immediately.

How the Service Works


We troubleshoot the symptoms that you are describing and look to find the root cause of the problem. Computer viruses come in many different forms and show up in a lot of different places.  They can originate from an unsecured website, or an email, or something that is downloaded from the internet. Before we can go after the problem, we need to have all of the information.

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To clean the computer, we use various tools depending on the nature of the virus infection. Some infections will be removed manually and some will be removed using our software tools.  This is the process for smaller infections.  In the case that the infection is widespread and the computer is exhibiting a tremendous amount of symptoms, we will suggest backing up the computer and re-installing the Windows or Mac operating systems.

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Once the computer is cleaned, we recommend paying for a quality anti-virus program.  This will protect the computer from incoming viruses or malware attacks in the future.  You want a good anti-virus program that will keep the infections out.  Some will still allow infections in, and then notify you of infected files after they have already made their way into your computer.  There are many good products out there and we can recommend one if you would like us to.

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