Computer viruses and malware are constantly bombarding our computers and are very frustrating to deal with. Because of this, anti-virus and anti-malware software are very important when browsing the web or checking email. They will protect you for the most part, and keep viruses and malware from your computer. Still, it is always possible for your computer to become infected even with the best protection. When your computer does get infected, it can cause performance issues as well as compromise your data. Viruses should be removed immediately.

Virus Removal Services

Kraft and Sons offers virus removal, and malware removal as part of our computer repair services. When it comes to removing viruses, we can work through your computer system and clean the infected files. We will remove any traces of the virus and malware in most cases. If the computer is highly infected, we will recommend backing up the computer, formatting the hard disk, and having Windows™ reinstalled. This is the most efficient means of cleaning and will also improve the performance of your computer. When your computer is acting suspicious, we recommend bringing it in right away. Kraft and Sons will diagnose your computer and find the viruses infected files. We’ll have you up and running as soon as possible. Call us today to schedule an appointment.

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