Managed IT Services

Computer problems can create frustration and delays and take time away from running your business, which should be the number one priority.  We rely on our computer systems to keep our business running smoothly, but when something goes wrong, it causes headaches and frustration. Individual computers are suspect to virus infections, software and hardware issues, and network connectivity problems. On top of these issues, the network can go down, and the server often needs maintenance and regular updates.

All of these computer problems and maintenance items shouldn’t take up your time and slow down your productivity.  That’s where we come in.  Kraft and Sons provides managed IT services for small business. Our staff has the knowledge and experience to handle all of the computer needs that will come up in your business. We have affordable pricing and quick, responsive service. When you have an issue arise, we are just a phone call away.  We can provide on-site service for larger items that require us to be there. Additionally, Kraft and Sons also can dial in remotely to handle a quick problem even faster and get you back up and running quickly.

Common Computer Repairs

PC Tuneup

Over time computers slow up and don’t run the way they once did. We can tidy up that laptop or desktop computer and get it running the way it used to when you first brought it home from the store.

Virus Removal

If your computer has a ton of pop-ups, or is running really slow, it’s possible you have a computer virus. Our virus removal service will remove any traces of the virus.

Cracked Screen

Sometimes your laptop gets dropped or hit with something and the screen gets damaged. We can replace your laptop’s LCD or LED screen with a brand new one. We provide free quotes for all laptop screen replacements.

WiFi Problems

Sometimes the internet stops working all of a sudden. If your computer’s WiFi has stopped working, we can diagnose the problem and find a quick solution to get you back online.

Windows Issues

If your Windows operating system is freezing, or if you can’t boot up your PC, we can troubleshoot the issue. We’ll find a solution to get Windows working properly again.

Data Backup

If your Windows or Macintosh computer can’t be repaired, we can recover the data from your hard drive in most cases as long as the hard drive hasn’t been physically damaged.