Office Challenges

Office work can be a struggle for small business owners especially when there is work in the field to be completed.

bookkeeping cleanup work

Business owners have to wear many different hats, especially at the beginning when starting a business. Those duties involve almost anything including the service the business provides, but also the administrative and marketing responsibilities. This level of work is manageable at the beginning of a business, but as your company grows, it becomes increasingly difficult to perform all of these duties.

In my experience, the first responsibility most people want to offload is the office work. I haven’t talked to many business owners who enjoy spending time in their office. They would rather be out in the field doing the work they enjoy. In fact my first job as a bookkeeper did come from a company that became too busy to handle the accounting work, and thus a position was created for me.

In order to help me understand what the most common needs of a business owner, I have put together this small form. Please fill this out to the best of your ability. I really want to know the most common struggles business owners face and which administrative duties are your least favorite. This will help me know which services our business is going to focus on the most.

What You Least Like about Working in Your Office