Bank Reconciliations

Make sure that your bank entries match the statements from your bank and credit card companies to avoid being out of balance.

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Other Bookkeeping Services

Sending out customer invoices can be a fun part of business. As a business owner, we are working for profit and need to send invoices in order to get paid.

Most of our customers will pay within a quick time frame. An invoice is sent out and a payment will come in usually within a 30 day window or sometimes within a couple weeks or even a few days. However this isn’t always the case.

When a customer goes outside of the 30 day window, the business owner has to reach out to collect payment. Collection is a daunting task. I still struggle as a business owner having to call customers to remind them to send payments.

One way to go about with collections is sending a statement to each customer requesting payment. If there is only one or two past due payments, this doesn’t require much time. However, if there are many customers past due, this can be a time consuming task.

Despite the time, it is a good practice to send regular statements to any customers with an open balance to keep your cash flow consistent, and to remind customers to send in that payment.

Step by step

How to Get Started


Initial Meeting

We will sit down with you in person or on the phone to discuss your individual bookkeeping needs.


Create a Plan

Based on your individual needs, we will create a plan and a schedule of the work for you to review.


Provide a Quote

We will provide you with a quote to handle the regular bookkeeping based on the finalized plan.


Get to Work

Our staff will follow the agreed upon plan and schedule and take care of the bookkeeping for you.