About Me

How I got started in financial coaching.

My Story

A Little bit about how I got here…

In the fall of 2018, I began to go through a high school home course with our son as part of our home school curriculum. During the course of this study, I realized that I was not managing my family’s finances correctly. Our family had been struggling with debt for years. My wife and I felt that we were only treading water in a good year. In a bad year, we were digging into debt slowly and painfully.

This course was put together by Dave Ramsey. As my son was learning basic money management principles, I was doing the same thing. As the person responsible for managing our families finances, I had no plan. We had dealt with debt for almost 20 years at this point. And during the course I realized that we didn’t even have something as simple as a budget.

After graduating from the high school course, I moved on to the adult tools including the Ramsey baby steps. When I heard the success stories from others and started reading the book, and listening to the radio broadcasts, I knew we could make the change.

Rolling into 2019, my wife and I quickly started putting a budget into practice and began our journey fixing our finances. We were learning to be better managers of the blessings God had given to us. After we saw the success and began enjoying financial peace as the course is aptly named, I wanted to learn more so that I could teach others what I learned and help them do the same.